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The importance of being prepared

No one really wants to think about what will happen when they die. But as you get older, planning for that event becomes even more important. Estate planning is the process of getting all of your assets and belongings in order before you pass. This process involves...

How do you choose an executor?

After a testator passes away, opening an estate follows not long after. Beneficiaries will typically want to know what is in the will and what assets go to them. Creditors may want to receive payment from the estate. Someone has to handle these various...

Estate planning for new parents

Every adult in Illinois should have an estate plan. That's true even for young people who don't own much. It's doubly true for new parents. In fact, any time there's a change in your family, whether that means marriage, divorce or birth, you should revise your estate...

Understanding Probate

The term “probate” may not be one you’re familiar with, especially if you’re new to thinking about estate planning. Most people do not have a reason to think about probate until a loved one dies or they begin to think about their plans for their own future. However,...