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The Benefits Of Having A Power Of Attorney

In an age of health privacy laws, an important estate planning tool is a power of attorney. You want your loved ones to be able to carry out your medical directives or make financial decisions on your behalf.

It’s not easy to have a conversation about death. But a power of attorney is good way to get the dialogue started and ensures there are no questions about what you would have wanted or problems because of the HIPAA law. In the absence of estate planning, the courts would be left to make those decisions for you.

Be prudent, and seek our help to create this document that will detail your wishes. Nobody knows when an emergency is going to happen. Nominating someone besides your spouse or partner to carry out your wishes is best.

Why You Need A Financial Power Of Attorney

Many people mistakenly think that simply putting somebody else’s name on your checking account so that they can pay your bills or help with banking is OK. Legally, this can present many problems you might not foresee.

If that person were to be involved in a car accident or go through other problems, that account can be seized for their actions. You could be ordered to pay restitution. Moreover, if that person runs into debt, the money in your account could also be in jeopardy. Should you need to, we can also help with establishing yourself as a legal guardian of an adult.

Protecting Yourself With A Power Of Attorney

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