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Why Hiring An Attorney Vs. A Realtor Can Save You Money

With the excitement of purchasing a new home or an investment property also comes concern. You want to have back-up for your best interest when it comes to all of the legal documentation you are signing. That’s when Bassett Law Office, P.C. can help.

Our firm in Wood River, Illinois, can represent you in all areas of real estate law. If you are selling a property, we can draw up all paperwork at a fraction of the cost of a realtor. Illinois law does not mandate that buyers use an agent. If you are buying, we will review all documents before you sign them. Depending on the size of the sale, this can save you a large amount of money.

How does a real estate attorney save you money? Rather than an agent taking a commission from your sale, our attorney can work on an hourly or flat fee basis depending on the service. We are always open and honest, so you will be able to weigh whether it is a wise financial decision to seek our assistance rather than a realtor.

Protecting Your Interests And Your Investment

Our preparation or review of documents will ensure you are not agreeing to conditions that wrongly work to the seller’s benefit. Call the firm in Wood River, Illinois, to speak with our lawyer at 618-216-5217 or 866-670-1382 toll free. If you prefer, send us an email.

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